Do you, or someone you know, need encouragement?

The mission of Encouragement 511  is simply to encourage you and to build others up!

As a visually impaired, skydiving accident survivor, speaker, author and coach for over 25 years, I also understand stress and the power of encouragement.

I’m really glad you are here!

Encouragement can make a positive impact in your life and in the lives of your colleagues, family members, clients or even complete strangers. Mother Teresa once remarked that if you and I were to treat everyone like they are hurting we’d be right 95 percent of the time. She was probably onto something!

Wouldn’t you agree that everyone needs encouragement?

The main reason I wrote my newest book, Blessed Beyond Stress: How to Overcome Adversity, Manage Stress & Live a Life of Resilience, was simply to encourage others!

The Oxford Language Dictionary defines encouragement as; “the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.”

People need support, confidence and hope!

Click here to read my new poem, The Face of Encouragement.

Here at you can also look around to find free access to a blog (coming), podcast and even a place where you can send a free, secure email to receive a prayer of encouragement for your life, business, family, health or future.

If you visit in a few weeks, you can find a diverse selection of encouraging non-fiction book summaries, on a myriad of topics, that can build you up in many different areas of your life! (coming soon)

Check back soon to find quotes, stories, messages and other ideas that can motivate, inspire and encourage you and those you know! Whether you are a banker, CEO, mechanic, parent, pastor, real estate professional, teacher, travel agent or have another role you really can inspire, motivate and encourage others!   

Click HERE to read my poem titled "Write Down Your Goals!"

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