How I came up with the name

A few of my friends have asked how I came up with the name encouragement 511.  “What’s the 511 mean?” is a common question.

Here’s the complete backstory

In the past, I’ve had many websites and different domain names.
I’ve bought domains for games I’ve created, hobbies I’ve dabbled in and even a top ranked website about motivational speakers.
Earlier domains, except my motivational speakers website, never attracted a lot of attention, mainly because I am not an SEO expert and refuse to spend the massive amounts of money required to make earlier websites rank higher.
So, in 2022, when I realized I still had access to another website and I could name it WHATEVER I wanted (that was still available) I began to think about my life mission.
I’ve always been an encourager but never really realized this was part of my life mission until during the pandemic.
I took a brief spiritual gift profile made available by one of my coaches and, after a few minutes, the top gift it said I had was: “the gift of encouragement.”
It wasn’t until 2020, by taking this profile, that I realized one of my biggest strengths really is the gift of encouragement.
Thankfully many others obviously have the same gift!
When you think about great teachers, moms, fathers, football coaches, pastors, CEO’s and other professionals many have this great gift of encouragement!

This is how I came up with the name!

Well obviously would be taken so I begin to think about other names?
I won’t give you ALL the names I thought about but there were ALOT.
Then I came upon a great verse in 1  Thessalonians 5:11 that says, “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up just as you are doing.”
The inspiration came from the source of all inspiration!
I was tempted to change it.
I considered other alternatives.
But I kept being drawn back to Encouragement 511.
After all, we all need to be encouraged, we all need to encourage others and we all need to focus on building others up!

See Encouragement 511 as an Encouragement Masterclass!

Freshman courses start in the 100’s, Junior and Senior classes are often 300 and 400 level classes.
But graduate level courses are 500 level and above.
I hope you see this website as a tool to help you earn your masters in encouragement!

911 - Emergency! - In an emergency you need to dial 911. (Overseas it could be 999!)
811 - Dig! - If you plan to dig in your yard, in most areas you are required to call 811 within 72 hours before you dig.
411 - Info! - If you need information, in the USA, often you can dial 411.
511 - Encouragement! - In case you need encouragement you can always visit!

May 11 (5/11) should also be the International Day of Encouragement!

I have already began the work to hopefully make 5/11 the International Day of Encouragement! The world needs to be reminded about the importance, power and possibilities that exist when we encourage, and don’t discourage, others.

While September 12 is considered (only since 2007) America’s day of encouragement, encouragement is not just for America but for the entire world!
America’s day of encouragement was first proclaimed in 2007 in Arkansas, USA.
Stay tuned for an official announcement regarding the International Day of Encouragement May 11!

At 5:11 AM and/or  5:11 PM Please Think Encouragement!

Whenever you see the clock, or even a car tag, with the numbers 511 I want you to think ENCOURAGEMENT!
Encourage yourself! (Self-talk really is important)
If it’s 5:11 AM think: “I will be an encouragement to someone today!”
If it’s 5:11 PM think: “Who have I encouraged today?”
Again, everyone needs encouragement and you really can make a significant positive impact by encouraging others!

Now this is the story, and I’m sticking to it, about how I really created the name encouragement511!

Al Argo
CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) at

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