Inspirational Books By Al Argo

I’ve read hundreds of inspirational books from diverse authors such as Og Mandino, Charles Spurgeon, Arthur Pink & more.

I’ve also written 3 inspirational books. My first was Wake Up & Shine which has a foreword by 4-time Olympian Ruben Gonzalez. Later I wrote a 90-day devotional book titled As You Start Today (Toby Mac’s singer, Gabriel Patillo, recorded the audio book for this!). And, recently, in 2022 I released Blessed Beyond Stress: How to Overcome Adversity, Manage Stress and Live a Life of Resilience!
All of my books are available both as print books and kindle. While the first two are already on Audible and iTunes, please stay tuned for the coming release of Blessed Beyond Stress in audio format.

List of Inspirational Books by Al Argo

Blessed Beyond Stress: How to Overcome Adversity, Manage Stress & Live a Life of Resilience

“This book is for you if you desire to be Blessed Beyond Stress! This book is for you if you’d like proven & practical ways to overcome adversity, manage stress and live a life of resilience! In Blessed Beyond Stress you will learn that stress, in and of itself, is not bad. However, how we respond to stress can make us or break us. As you read the stories, scripture and scientific research in Blessed Beyond Stress you will add tools to your toolbox that will benefit you today and in the months and years to come. Read, and apply, the principles found in Blessed Beyond Stress to learn how God wants you to deal with any stress that may be in your life.”

What others are saying:

“This book will help you to look at your problems as “growth times” that the Lord is allowing us to go through.” - Dr. C.O. Grinstead, Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church and Founder WTBJ Radio

“My good friend Al Argo has penned another fantastic book. This powerful work will help you to understand stress and begin to live the life you were designed to live.” - Donny Ingram, Best-Selling Author

"This book will be a game changer for some and a life changer for others. Grab one copy for yourself and TWO to give away!" - Frank Shelton, Author of Blessedness of Brokenness, Carrying Greatness & Urgency

“Al doesn’t just pin stress to the mat for the 1, 2, 3, he beats it into submission with his latest book, Blessed Beyond Stress.” - Nikita Koloff, 8-time Wrestling World Champion

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As You Start Today

“Got a minute? This is all you need each day to read through this brief devotional in 3-months. In this encouraging devotional book, As You Start Today, international speaker, pastor and author, Al Argo, shares a brief powerful way you can start each day with a focus on what matters most, your walk with Christ. Each day of this 3-month devotional book is filled with Scripture, encouragement and insight to help you start the day right. Motivational, encouraging and practical, As You Start Today, is a great way to start each day!”

What others are saying:  

“After receiving my copy I ordered 10 to give as a gift.”
“I love this book. One of the best inspirational books I've ever read.”
“Daily inspiration to encourage, inspire and challenge. Everyone should read As You Start Today!”

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Wake Up & Shine

"Wake up …. and Christ will shine on you.” - Ephesians 5:14b

“This book can help you get your day started right! If your day starts right, you can guarantee a more productive, passionate & fulfilling God honoring day. Each day is important and unique and you need to prepare well to meet your opportunity! In this book learn and discover: - The 7 daily habits to guarantee success and significance - A powerful prayer that’s prayed daily by millions even before getting out of bed - A powerful technique to put you at the top of your chosen career or field of service - Multiple reasons why you must NOT skip breakfast & what you should be eating (and avoiding) - The one technique that can make ALL the difference - A complete system to minimize problems and maximize opportunities - How to decide what to do and when to do it - A powerful technique that few practice but all should – it’s simple but life changing - What to do right before you walk out of your door each day All this, plus more in a short, informative, inspirational book by Al Argo, The Positive Impact Coach! (With a foreword by 4-time Winter Olympian Ruben Gonzalez)”

What others are saying:

“Great book with a great purpose.”
“I have started 7 morning habits and it has changed my day! This book is a must read for any Christian!”
“What a wonderful inspiring book.”
“Highly recommended!”

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