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What’s Another Word for Encourage?

Many people want to know what’s another word for encourage!

Here is a short list of 12 words that can be considered alternative words for encourage:
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Here’s the list. Please scroll down for each words definition!

- Boost
- Cheer
- Comfort
- Embolden
- Inspire
- Invigorate
- Motivate
- Reassure
- Stimulate
- Strengthen
- Support
- Uplift

What’s Another Word for 

Here are the definitions and a sentence to go along with each of the 12 words!

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- Boost: (Verb) To lift or raise. / (Noun) A source of help or encouragement leading to improvement.
(“The financial donation was a real boost to the not-for-profit!”)

- Cheer: (Noun) A shout of encouragement, approval or congratulations.
(“A loud cheer was heard as the graduate walked across the stage!”)

- Comfort: (Verb) To soothe, console or reassure.
(“The minister offered a few words of comfort to the family.”)

- Embolden: (Verb) To give someone the courage or confidence to do something or to behave in a certain way.
(“She felt emboldened to approach the school board after another mom confided in her.”)

- Inspire: (Verb) To fill with an urge, or quickening, to become or do something.
(“Reading the book inspired him to learn more about the topic.”)

- Invigorate: (Verb) To fill with energy, life or strength, energize.
(“If exercise can invigorate the body, a great podcast like the Encouragement 511 podcast can invigorate the mind and spirit!”)

- Motivate: (Verb) To provide with a motive, cause or reason to act. To stimulate enthusiasm for being or doing something.
(“The dad wanted to motivate his children to read so he bought them a book, Chris Gets the Hiccups, that they’d really enjoy.”)

- Reassure: (Verb) To say or do something to alleviate doubt or fear. To restore assurance or confidence.
(“One goal of great coaches is simply to help each client reassure themself!”)

- Stimulate: (Verb) To arouse to action or effort through encouragement.  
(“The seminar participants were stimulated by the ideas provided by Al Argo.”)

- Strengthen: (Verb) To make stronger or give strength to.
(“My doctor suggested doing pushups each day to strengthen my body.”)

- Support: (Verb) To bear or hold up. Give assistance to. (Noun) The act of supporting.
(“I have found great support through our author and speaker mastermind group.”)

- Uplift: (Verb) To lift up, improve, raise, elevate.
(“Reading an encouraging book can instantly uplift your mood!”)

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What’s another word for encourage that you like?
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