How I came up with the Children’s Book Series The Adventures of Chris

How did a visually impaired grown man, with no grandkids (yet) come up with the idea to write a children’s book series?

First of all, the books in my children’s book series are all about bodily functions!
Hiccups, doing #2 (yes, its clean and family friendly), sneezing and burping - in that order.

I inserted some true, fun and weird facts about each bodily function in the back of each book as a way to teach kids, but mainly the books rhyme which helps early readers have a great time!
If you are reading these to your children, please make sure you make the noise LOUD at the appropriate time in each book.

Here’s How I Came Up With The Children’s Book Series

In 2017, my good friend, Chris Friend, invited me to Australia to spaak at a leadership event for a network of churches he leads.

In addition to this leadership event he also asked if I would do an Author Training Masterclass for the community.
Of course I was delighted to fly to Perth to speak to his leaders from across Australia and also to do another Author Training Masterclass event.

On my last night in Australia and after all these events were over, Chris took my friend, and fellow author, Russell Board and I out to eat ice-cream before saying good-bye. At the small ice-cream shop Chris really got the hiccups!
Growing up in the deep south, I’d often see people who had the hiccups, get scared.
So, with Chris to my right hand side I looked at him and YELLED at the top of my little lungs.


He definitely was startled!
I’m just glad he didn’t punch me.
People in the small ice cream shop looked at me like I was crazy.
And then these words came out of my mouth:
“Don’t worry, I’m writing a book about hiccups.”

The next morning, after I had cleared customs at the Perth International Airport and with a little time on my hand I wrote a short poem that later became the main content for the first book in the children’s book series, The Adventures of Chris.

Later I added a few true, and interesting facts about hiccups, found a veteran children’s illustrator and just a few weeks later Chris Gets the Hiccups made its debut on Amazon.
Within two days of writing Chris Gets The Hiccups, I had also finished Chris Drops a Bomb and Chris and the Big Sneeze.
It took several years before I wrote Chris and the Worlds Biggest Burp which is the 4th book in the children’s book series, The Adventures of Chris.

At this point, I have also written 3 other kids books that are yet to be published.

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