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                            Al Argo

Do you need an encouragement coach?
Would you like a coach for someone you love?
Please consider letting me serve you, your family or your organization.

Your future is important.
Your dreams, wishes, hopes and goals are important.

As a visually-impaired, skydiving accident survivor author, coach and speaker I am happy to serve you.

People retain an encouragement coach for a number of reasons:

- To help them achieve a personal or professional goal
- To help them overcome a personal challenge
- To help them deal with grief
- To help coach them during the start of a new business
- To guide them out of a sales slump
- To assist them with business or ministry marketing
- To help them write a book
- To help them navigate adversity
- To assist a loved one in time of need
- To help them raise full support/funding
- To guide them during a move or transition

Why would you like a private, personal, professional encouragement coach?

Inquire about coaching services by submitting the form below.

Whatever your reason for visiting this page, remember the greatest authors, athletes, artists, business and ministry leaders all have coaches to help them in their personal and professional life.

Why coaching?  It’s all about results!

Everyone has obstacles!  Everyone has untapped potential!
The secret is to turn each obstacle into an opportunity!
Everyone has challenges. The secret is to harness the challenge until you are a champion.
Everyone has the same number of hours in each day. The secret is HOW will you maximize the hours to shape your tomorrow.
The secret is there is NO secret!
There is just wisdom passed down from generation to generation that, when applied, will make the world of difference for you!

Selecting me as your encouragement coach is affordable, personal, professional, private and productive! I am all about seeing you get the results you are looking for!

Contact me below for a free 15-minute coaching session to discuss how encouragement coaching will benefit you.

Why Al Argo?

I was first exposed to professional executive coaching when I met master coach, and early ICF member and Coach House Asia founder, Terry Phillips in Singapore.
I attended many classes, certification trainings and coaching sessions under Coach Terry Phillips.
He took me under his wings and trained, mentored and certified me both in personality profile analysis and executive coaching.
Sadly, Coach Terry Phillips passed on from this world way too soon.
In Singapore I continued to gain exposure and experience as an executive coach and had the opportunity to coach talent ranging from the CEO level to the corporate entry level.
Everyone needs encouragement!
Everyone needs a coach!


I studied Advertising/Marketing at Alabama, attended Bible school in Dallas, completed one year of MBA studies and have a Masters in Management and Leadership from Western Governors University.

I have met and learned directly from Jay Abraham (Marketing), Dan Poynter (Publishing), Charles “Tremendous” Jones and Zig Ziglar (Speaking) and John Maxwell (Leadership). I often tell people that my name, Al, is an acronym for  “Always Learning!”

For years I was a John Maxwell EQUIP trainer based out of Singapore and trained thousands of business and nonprofit leaders all across the region.

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